Quirky Series Mega Pack

$78.00 $75.00

 ✔️ One (1) animal asset
✔️ Tiny 8×1 px texture [diffuse map only]
✔️ Rigged/Skeleton
✔️ 12 animations + 2 idle variation
✔️ 4 Levels of Detail [min 40 up to 9,000 tris]
✔️ Mobile, AR/VR ready
❌ Vertex color
❌ Clean (non-overlap) UV mapping

Arctic Fox, Ox, Penguin, Polar Bear, Reindeer, Sea Lion, Snow Owl, Snow Weasel, Walrus
Buffalo, Chick, Cow, Donkey, Duck, Hen, Pig, Rooster, Sheep
Crow, Eagle, Fox, Hog, Hornbill, Owl, Raccoon, Snake, Wolf
Cat, Dog, Dove, Goldfish, Mice, Parrot, Pigeon, Rabbit, Tortoise
Cheetah, Elephant, Flamingo, Gazelle, Hippo, Hyena, Ostrich, Rhino, Zebra

Idle + 2 variations | Walk | Run | Jump
Swim/Fly | Roll | Bounce | Spin
Munch/Peck | Clicked | Fear | Death


Added 3 new Arctic Animals: Arctic Fox, Snow Owl, Snow Weasel
Added 3 new Farm Animals: Buffalo, Pig, Rooster
Added 3 new Forest Animals: Eagle, Raccoon, Snake
Added 4 new Pet Animals: Dove, Goldfish, Mice, Pigeon
Added 3 new Safari Animals: Cheetah, Hippo, Rhino
Added 3 new animations: Jump, Fear, and Death
Included indiviual animation in seperate files
Added one more LOD (4 in total)
Updated the mesh and rig for: Elephant, Gazelle, Sheep, Walrus

Removed .3ds file format.
Polished the mesh.
Added 3 LODs: LOD0 (high) LOD1 (medium) and LOD2 (low).

Initial release.


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